AuNic 12mg Freebase Nicotine Shot (VG) (15ml)

AuNic 12mg Freebase Nicotine Shot (VG) (15ml)

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To be used as an additive in e-liquid DIY.

    24mg/ml Strength Nicotine, intended to be mixed with 15ml of PG flavouring. When diluted, it achieves a final strength of 12mg freebase MTL nicotine e-liquid.

    Nicotine, a naturally occurring chemical compound found in plants, serves as a highly addictive stimulant affecting the central nervous system. In the pharmaceutical industry, it functions as an additive, offering exceptional absorption, and is commonly utilized in nicotine replacement therapy.

    • Not intended for use in pouches, lozenges, or for ingestion.
    • Not to be used alone. Dilute before use.
    • VG Based (BP Grade).
    • 24mg/ml Strength Nicotine

    Strengths available:
    24mg (2mg Shot*)
    36mg (3mg Shot*)
    60mg (5mg Shot*)
    72mg (6mg Shot*)